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Meet Your Caregivers


It would be an honor to become part of your family and join your journey.  We serve clients throughout the Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.


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Petra Svenson

"I have a passion for helping people and our seniors are very dear to my heart. It makes me happy to be able to brighten up their day and to assist them with challenges they are facing. That's why I am so happy to be working for YPYW"

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Teresa Randazzo

"Having had 1st hand experience when my mom became of age and wanted to stay in her home, our caregiver gave her that opportunity. I realized then that the same peace of mind is very important to all families. I am really excited to be part of a caring team and hope to help others feel safe and cared for, their way".

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Esther Trauner

"I have always taken care of my family and I enjoy spending time with people. It is a blessing to be able to help others"

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Renee Costa

"I truly enjoy helping and caring for people and joining their journey! Your Place Your Way allows me to do that!

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Jacalynn Alexander

"My parents have always taught me to love and respect the elders in my life. I consider it a privilege to learn from them and to serve them as well".

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Kristi Micozzi

"By joining YPYW it allows me the opportunity to serve in our community. Our goal is to keep our clients stimulated and participating in their daily routine. Together we can make each visit beneficial to our clients well being."


Shanaya Freeman

"I have always valued the joy that comes from helping others and fostering meaningful connections. It is a wonderful privilege to serve the unique needs of each client through YPYW!"

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Peggy Roach

"My family has always been the focus of my life." I would consider it an honor to join yours and meet you at your journey."

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Sandra Mallon

“I miss my mom! I cared for her at the end and know how demanding and rewarding it can be. Just wanted to be able to help others as they deal with an aging parent”.

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Christina Hocker

"I have always enjoyed helping whoever I can. It is definitely rewarding to know that my assistance has been a blessing to others!!"

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Maura Lyons

"Helping others is something that I have always loved to do! Seeing how my actions have a positive impact on others is very rewarding and something that I will always remember."

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Nanci Petroski

"I enjoy caregiving because it’s so satisfying to be able to do for others, and there is so much need. What I do know is that through the years I have realized that it is the gift that God gave me and I hope to do it with love and Grace."


Nora Savukinas

" I have been blessed raising my family and recognize the value it brings to my life. YPYW enhances that purpose and it truly fulfills me."


Joy Peirce

"I love working with the elderly and caring for their needs in their twilight years. I am encouraged to work with a team like YPYW that reaches out with respect, compassion and care with the highest quality of services."

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Emanuel Kokolie

"I am privileged and grateful to work for YPYW. YPYW is one of a kind in this helping profession and I like to manifest my compassion for people through this service platform."


Gabrielle Hill

"I am thrilled to join this incredible team and support them in anyway I can!"


Riley Haitz

"I am a graduate with a BS in psychology with an aspiration to acquire my masters in social work. I have a heart for seniors and am blessed to be working for YPYW to help those who need us most."


Billie Barnes

Caregiving provides me the opportunity to feel valued while building strong, personal bonds."


Trina Carney

"I have spent most of my life and career caring for others. It is a privilege to serve and I am grateful for the opportunity to work for Your Place Your Way!"


Melanie Arnold

"I have found that helping people fills my soul with a beautiful feeling and sense of purpose. YPYW owners have pure hearts and intentions. These are the most important qualities for me as an employee of anorganization"


Nakiya Glover

"I have seen firsthand just how important it is to serve others with dignity and respect, particularly our senior population. I am glad to be part of this incredible team"